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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cures for "alligator" skin

Do you have what I call "alligator skin?" That is when your skin is so dry lines appear that look like the pattern of alligator skin.

This can happen when you have been outside quite a bit or in the dryness of winter. This time of year it is most likely due to overexposure to the sun.

What can you do about alligator skin?

There are two main things - one is hydrate your skin and the other is to take preventive measures before it happens.

First off, if you already have alligator skin, you need to hydrate both on the inside and the outside. I would say the inside is the most important. If you are so dry that your skin is tight and lined, just imagine what is going on your inside.

Start by drinking lots of water. Recommendations vary from 64 to 92 ounces for a woman. I try to get between 70-80.

I find that I don't have time to drink more water than that or I will be up all night going to the bathroom - that does not do wonders for your beauty rest.

When I say drink water, I mean water. That does not mean flavored bottled waters, sports drinks or mixes like crystal light. The sugar in these drinks defeats the purpose of the health benefits of water.

You can flavor the water with lime or lemon if you like. Water is absolutely necessary to improving your skin's elasticity.

Next it is time to develop a healthy habit of applying a lotion or body butter. You may be wondering what is the difference between lotions and butters. The difference is the thickness and the "oily" characteristics of the product.

Butters are good for really dry skin. They have more oil in them and may apply a bit thicker than a lotion. If you have alligator skin, I recommend going with a butter.

After a few days of regularly applying a lotion or butter, then start a routine of exfoliating. I would suggest using a sugar scrub that is much more gentle than a salt scrub.

Be kind to your skin during these first few days of repair. Exfoliate very gently. You can even use a dry wash cloth or a shower loufa to do a very mild exfoliation.

Once the dry skin has healed itself, it is now time to work on prevention.

To make sure that alligator skin does not return, keep up your water intake. Make drinking 70-80 ounces a day a regular part of your daily routine.

Next you can use a stronger exfoliating product like a salt scrub, an exfoliating bar soap or even a body brush. Once or twice a week should be enough.

Also, make sure you apply lotion daily. If you have really dry skin try using olive oil. No this is not insane.

I really mean the stuff you get in the grocery store. Get a high quality extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil has great restorative properties and will do wonders for your skin.

You may need to apply lotion again at night if you have a very active lifestyle or very dry skin.

You are now armed to prevent alligator skin from coming back!

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